The ‘One Lovely Blog Awards’


So I’m posting as a response to last week’s Blogging 101 assignment. Did I mention that I’m taking this course? I’m taking this course. SO grown up now. The assignment says to write a post further elaborating on a comment I left as part of the day before’s assignment. I read a couple of blogs the other day, but only one made my swear at my computer and rush to tell my mum and then my dad (who was unimpressed that I interrupted his playing of Destiny, until I told him. Then he was excited.) The other day I looked at a new post by Barbie Beaton on her blog B’s Words*. The post was announcing her nomination for the One Lovely Blog Awards. I knew nothing about this until I looked it up, and there are three basic rules:

1. Thank the person and link back to them in your post.
2. List seven things most people will not know about you.
3. Nominate 11 other blogs for the award.

Barbie did this in a slightly informal way (to see why, check her post*) but she did list 15 blogs as her nominees; my little blog was on that list!! I will probably never stop being excited about this. :)

So I left a comment thanking her and she asked me if I could follow the Award’s protocol. Here goes.

1. I think I may have already done it a few times but I’ll say it again: thanks for the nomination!! I’m super happy that people enjoy reading my crazed writings. Check out her blog*.

2. Uhhhhhhm, seven things. Easy. I’m an interesting person, come on, seven things. *blank mind* Okay. Let’s do it.

  • I am a certified Level 2 stilt-walker. I have a certificate for it, too. I was 11, my school had just started ‘Juggle Club’, which was a bunch of kids doing circus stuff during lunch. I was always better at Devil’s Sticks than stilt walking, but the latter is undeniably cooler.
  • I’m in love with Channing Tatum, as are two of my best friends. One of them agrees with me that we would pay to see a feature-length film of him running along a beach to escape explosions, all while shirtless. *sigh* That friend told me this one: “You know how people who are afraid of spiders seem more likely to find them in their bed? I am DEATHLY afraid of Channing Tatum.” If anyone happens to know Channing, please send him to my blog immediately.
  • I have a thing against large spoons. I’m not a 1D Fangirl who’s given up on spoons because one of them hates the harmless utensil, it’s really just an OCD thing. Breakfast and dessert are teaspoon meals and eating dinner with a spoon prevents me from stabbing things. If I can’t stab my food, things are going to get violent.
  • If I was a superhero, I would be the Procrastinator. Just kidding, I would be Crazy Girl and my superpower would be the ability to reassemble mashed potato’s lives (it’s a pressing issue among the potato community.) But I am a massive procrastinator. I made a list these holidays of 60 things to do with my time; it included photography, painting, gardening… Aaaaaaaaaand I spent literally one whole day on the couch last week. I didn’t eat lunch until 3 because I couldn’t be bothered getting up.
  • I know a lot of decimal places of Pi. This isn’t actually that awesome except that it makes me more of a geek than I was before. I don’t know, it just makes me kind of happy to know that if ever anyone asks, I can tell them a 20 digit number. If anyone’s curious, which I doubt, really I’m just showing off now, I know this much: 3.141592653589793238426. That’s 21 places even better than I thought!! :)
  • I like quoting TV shows and movies, especially when it’s a dumb kids movie… and even more than that when a friend joins in and we quote kid movies together. The other day my entire friend group spent our lunch break quoting Nemo. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do we swiiiiiiiiiiiiiim… Oh ho ho ho ho ho we like to swiiiiiiiiiiim, when we waaaaaaaaaaant to swim we like to swim…” I also know the emergency number from that episode of The IT Crowd where they change the emergency number. 0118,999,88999,9118725……….3. Okay, so I’m a nerd. Sue me.
  • I am in love with Shane Koyczan in a very different way to how I am in love with Channing Tatum. In case you don’t know him, Shane is a Canadian spoken word poet. He is also a genius. Shane’s poems and his amazing voice draw me in and say things in such an amazing way, it’s impossible to listen to a poem of his and not take something valuable from it. If you haven’t seen any of his stuff, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY

I think that’s seven!! That wasn’t so hard!! (I lie. This took me several days.)

And now, the Nominees!!

1. Internet Squared: http://internetsquared.wordpress.com/
2. tucked into a corner: http://tuckedintoacorner.wordpress.com/
3. A Momma’s View: http://amommasview.wordpress.com/
4. Write me a book, John!: http://johnguillen.wordpress.com/
5. The Bookshelf of Emily J: http://thebookshelfofemilyj.com/
6. Storytime with John: http://storytimewithjohn.com/
7. Mid-Life Lows: http://midlifelows.com/
8. A Stitch to Scratch: http://astitchtoscratch.wordpress.com/
9. Sensitive and Extraordinary Kids: http://www.sensitiveandextraordinary.com/
10. Amanda Trusty Says: http://amandatrustysays.com/
11. Spontaneous Tomato: http://spontaneoustomato.com/

Thanks to all these bloggers for being amazing, I hope I manage to let you all know about your nomination.

Until next time,

Xx Loony



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