The Deep Stuff.


So, I decided that it’s time.. for everyone to hear the truth about me. The real secrets, the defining elements of my personality. I present, my opinions on the deep stuff.

Peanut butter? In terms of style, crunchy is the only acceptable choice. Smooth is just too processed, I think. All the peanut bits are what makes peanut butter real, you know? *wipes away tear* Heavily applied to toast or a sandwich is good, and strawberry jam is recommended.

Rainy days? Are the best. Gives me a good excuse to curl up with PJs, hot chocolate and a good book. The sound is so therapeutic and the smell is coziness, personified.

Time travel? See, I was talking to someone the other day who has just come back from holiday and they were explaining to me how, because of time difference, they hadn’t lived December 23rd. At all. And so I figured, when we develop time travel, this friend could travel back to December 23rd without stuffing everything up by killing themselves or whatever. The theory is pretty good, but you couldn’t use time travel to fix a bad event unless you’d lost a day to time difference travel, which is unlikely. Hmmmm.

Onesies? Love them! I’ve never actually owned one of the store-bought animal ones, because my mum sews mine. They’re awesome! I’m wearing my newest one at the moment actually, which is stripy :) 

Avocado? This is my current favourite food. I love avos. They rock. I like them especially in guacamole, or on toast with Vegemite.

Tell me your deep stuff!

Xx Loony


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