Flour is Exciting


Today, my parents came home from shopping with a surprise for me, and I feel like I got more excited that other people would. It’s not something that would encourage people to run around screaming, ‘OMG NOW PEOPLE WILL MARRY ME FOR MY WEALTH AS WELL AS MY BEAUTY!!” *tragic attempt at a hair flick* But I was super happy. Wanna know what I got?

Flour. My parents went shopping, and came back with a 5kg bag of unbleached baker’s flour.

I’m not crazy. Really. (Not about this, anyway. :P) People who bake bread will know what I’m talking about already, but here is a brief explanation: the type of flour you get varies depending on what you want to make, and the variation occurs in the protein content of the flour. Flour with a higher protein percentage is better for bread, because it is stronger and allows the bread to rise and hold gas without collapsing. This is essential in baking bread like those big rustic Italian loaves that people love.

This type of bread is what I love to bake and eat, so baker’s flour is really important. The problem is, I can rarely find large quantities that are both cheap and high quality. Thus, my 5kg bag was a pretty big deal.

So does this make me weird? I mean, I started hugging the bag. Okay, maybe I’m crazy.. but I bake bread. So there.

Xx Loony


6 thoughts on “Flour is Exciting

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    This is brill – do let us know how the bread-y stuff goes. And I’m glad you hugged the bag. First off, you know me, I’d do the same! And secondly, I was about to ask you if you had done so before I got to that bit of the post!

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