Wash The Dead

They wash the dead clean
But my pain is like a death
Of sorts: wash me too

Like my first go at the Writing 201: Poetry course? The key words were water, haiku and simile. Bit morbid, but I like it :)

Xx Loony


8 thoughts on “Wash The Dead

  1. I like the word “sorts” It can mean something like a death, or a death to “sorting things”. I also liked the “end stop” use “death” on one line and “of sorts” on the next/ It gives the reader a moment to think and wonder “death of what?” before moving on to the next line. Brava!

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    • Thank you very much!
      I hadn’t even thought of ‘sorts’ being any more than ‘similar to death’, but now that I think of it, it can mean a lot; death from being sorted, labelled, death from constantly catagorizing yourself, death from being pushed to be too many different versions of yourself.
      And the line break was partially due to syllables, but also because I can imagine someone saying it like that, with a sigh of despair in the middle of their sentence – like they don’t want to say any more.


  2. This immediately (given that her birthday was just a couple days ago) makes me think of my grandmother who passed a few years back. very powerful. And don’t worry, the short span of characters you were forced to use make it all the more remarkable.


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