Feeling Fly


If you hang out at Loony’s Biz on the regular, you may have noticed that my theme has changed, yet again.

This is mainly because I’m thinking about doing NaBloPoMo this November – blogging once a day for the whole month! My brain is full of a lot of weirdness usually – why not share with everyone else?

So yeah, I’ve given my blog a makeover. And soon it will have a lot of new posts, and hopefully I’ll be able to meet a lot of new people too!

Looking forward to this new era on Loony’s Biz.

Xx Loony


6 thoughts on “Feeling Fly

      • deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

        Goodness gracious me it’s been a near eternity! School life has been a bit like a Hoover; I’ve been sucked in! It’s 1:30 am and I’ve just finished an essay; it’s meant to be completed for God knows when (we were told to draft it) but I figured I’d get ahead. Now I’m bopping along to blur and surprisingly not feeling all that drowsy! HOW IS YOU?!

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