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My Starter Needs a Name


Yesterday, I wrote about my new sourdough starter, and the wonderful results that it produced – if you didn’t see the post, have a look here.

I have, however, noticed that my starter doesn’t have a name. Being a living thing that I feed, care for and, yes, love, I thought that I should rectify this situation.

So I’m asking you! I know these are all typical male names – both of my previous starters have been male, so it seemed fitting – but any name suggestions are wonderful. And, because I’m classy, middle name suggestions would be fantastic too.

Can’t wait to name this marvelous creature!

Xx Loony


7 thoughts on “My Starter Needs a Name

    • Yes I know – tragically I haven’t read the book and can’t until we study it later this year. But I do like the name and from what my friend has told me, he’s a good character. Also, Atticus is the name of a character in the more recent Cooper Bartholomew is Dead, by Rebecca Black, which I really enjoyed.


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    • They are brilliant suggestions! Absolutely classy, and not weird at all.
      I know what you mean – I feel like it is a mother/baby situation when it comes to myself and this starter :)
      How did you come up with these names? I’m liking Atticus especially :)


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