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Happy February!

To celebrate the beginning of a new month, I’ve put together a quick roundup of all the posts Loony’s Biz published in January.

Skip to the end to see what’s in store for this month!

An Account in Which I Make Sourdough

A Poll in Which I Need Help Naming My Sourdough Starter

A Review in Which I Celebrate ‘The Good Dinosaur’

A Photo in Which I Lounge On My Lawn, Waiting For An Adventure

An Article in Which I Discuss New Year’s Resolutions

An Article in Which I Wage War Against Gender Stereotyping

An Account in Which I Dread the Bug Apocalypse

A Letter in Which I Confess My Undying Love for my Sourdough Starter

A Poem in Which I’m Sick of Being Objectified

An Account in Which I Give Up On Structured Exercise for a Good Reason

An Article in Which I’m Tired of Celebrating An Empty Holiday

A Guide in Which I Survive School As a Stressed Student (Part 1)

A Guide in Which I Survive School As Stressed Student (Part 2)

Also in January, I…

  • Undercut my hair
  • Bought a $5 leather jacket
  • Fed a stingray
  • Ate Golden Gaytimes
  • Got my bass guitar fixed
  • Ran into a door and broke it
  • Climbed an enormous boulder and hurt my toe
  • Learned the word ‘malaprop’
  • Swam in pond slime
  • Watched horror movies

The fact that I was on school holidays until the end of last week explains why I did so many cool things – my life isn’t usually this interesting.

Coming up in February…

  • Elmo’s birthday
  • Foot selfies
  • My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
  • Opinionated rants
  • LGBT Representation in the Media
  • Nonsensical poetry
  • And much more!

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to see on Loony’s Biz this month.

Also! To all my wonderful followers – hi, how are you – I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing a followers newsletter once a month, just for you. It could include post roundups, sneak peeks, exclusive content, that sort of thing. If you’re into this idea or have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Xx Loony


4 thoughts on “Happy February!

    • Sorry for being so late replying! The story is, it is a sliding door on runners and I kind of slammed into it and knocked it off its runners so it couldn’t move… My parents were unimpressed.


  1. JuliaChickenTits says:

    Well I am now inspired to Google the word malaprop, so I suppose we can all partake in the learning! :)
    As a follower I of course would like ‘exclusive content’; a term that appeals to me very much in general, much like ‘free’!
    Looking forward to all the upcoming posts either way! Best of luck with your new school term!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really is a cool (and undeniably pretentious) word!
      Good to hear – if I can generate enough interest it’s something I’d certainly like to try.
      Thanks very much! :)


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