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Happy Birthday Elmo!


Today, February 3rd, marks a wonderful celebration – Elmo, my favourite monster from the beloved children’s show Sesame Street, is turning 3 and a half. Again.

Some find it endearing, some find it creepy, but I think the immortality of this furry little funster serves to show the timelessness of the show and its ability to make children smile, laugh, sing and dance.

Even now as a teenager, two of my three sheet sets have Elmo’s happy little face on them (the other is Star Wars). My room has a red theme, based around the Elmo/Cookie Monster cushion a friend gifted me for Christmas a few years ago.

I’m not ashamed to still love Elmo. No one is too old to remember and cherish their childhood, and no one has been 3 and a half too long to still celebrate their birthday.

Happy birthday, Elmo. Have a wonderful day, eat plenty of cake, and say hi to Mr. Noodle for me.


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