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Loony’s Biz Needs You!

For almost a month, Loony’s Biz has showcased a display of self-care, love and hope in the form of Paper Bag Poems. A new poem every day gives me an outlet to express my hopes, dreams and mantras for life.

I’m stunned to have gained such a following for these poems – every time I post one, I get a series of happy emails to tell me one of you has seen, read and liked my poem. This appreciation is part of the reason I keep writing. To know that I’ve moved even one person is what makes it all worth it.

To keep Loony’s Biz going, growing and improving, I need your help. So when you read the next Loony’s Biz post that you like…

If you have 5 Seconds – Like

Hit like! There’s a little button at the bottom of every post. Nothing is better than knowing I’ve written something that people enjoyed reading.

If You Have 10 Seconds – Follow

Hit Follow – The long blue button in the sidebar to the right of this post. You’ll get an email notification when there’s new content for you to read!

If You Have 20 Seconds – Share

Know someone who you think would also enjoy what you’re reading? Share what you’ve read! Every post has a series of buttons at the bottom, which make it easy for you to share posts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Pinterest or Google+. Sharing is essential to growing Loony’s Biz, and developing a community around my work is something I’m incredibly passionate about. So go ahead and share what you see!

If You Have 30 Seconds – Comment

Chances are, you knew why you liked what you were reading within the first 10 seconds. So why don’t you take 30 seconds to leave me a comment? In an individual post, you can scroll down and write in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section, or comment on something you see on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Anything you have to say about my work would BLOW my mind, but I especially enjoy hearing what you liked, why you liked it, and any ideas you have for new content or ideas you’d like to see on Loony’s Biz.

If You Have 1 Minute – Explore Loony’s Biz on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Loony’s Biz starts and finishes on this wee site, but this year, began reaching into other areas of social media. If you enjoy what you see here, you might also like what Loony’s Biz shares and posts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Some content is exclusive to each platform, so follow Loony’s Biz on all of them and never miss a minute! Follow Loony’s Biz on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr today!

If You Have 3 Minutes – Email Loony’s Biz

Shoot me an email! Building a community is a fundamental part of Loony’s Biz, so send me an email and introduce yourself – who you are, how you found the blog, your funniest story from the zoo – whatever! The crème de la crème would be ideas on how Loony’s Biz can improve and expand, so if you have any ideas – guests posts, interviews, giveaways, anything that you think Loony’s Biz should get on board with, let me know!

There are likely to be some interesting developments in the future, including different ways for you to get involved with Loony’s Biz – so stay tuned!

Xx Loony


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