– good music┬ábringing people together
– people who look out for each other
– funny and true Tumblr posts
– a day without frantic study
– yummy food
– perserverance during recovery
– people being accepting of my awful volleyball skills
– people who will be late just to keep you company
– Fantales
– oversized black T-shirts
– being excited
– opportunities
– puddles


NaBloPoMo, Here We Come!


Well, I did it! I clicked ‘submit’ and I’m on the BlogHer blogroll for National Blog Posting Month!!!

Coming up in the next month:

  • angsty poetry
  • opinionated feminism
  • existential crises
  • snippets of my lol-worthy life
  • idiosyncrasies
  • oogly-woogly questions that are hard to think about
  • thoughts on mental health issues
  • my deep love of food
  • more of my brain than you really needed to see

I’m excited. I hope you’re excited. Let’s do it.

Xx Loony