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I’m Giving Up Exercise

That’s right, I said it.

I’ve tried it so many times. Wake up early, climb onto the exercise bike, go for a run, jump on the elliptical, go box out my frustrations in the shed, follow an intense workout plan designed to “shred abs” and the like.

It lasts for a while – until I stop feeling the motivation, the buzz of energy, the smug satisfaction that comes with saying, “Yeah, I workout.”

Eventually it fizzles out, and it fizzles out every time without fail. Maybe I’m just not diciplined enough, don’t have enough muchness. But  what I think it really comes down to is that no matter how hard I try, none of this exercise is ever fun. And now, I’ve decided to stop trying, at least for now.

I just came inside from a game of backyard soccer with Boo, on the freshly mowed lawn. Running around, laughing, breathing hard, a soccer ball between my feet.

This is the sort of exercise I love and live for. No schedule, no obligation, no boredom. Just a backyard, a soccer ball, and a cool afternoon.

Fun. Play. Physical activity that won’t suck in a week’s time.

I’m giving up the regimented, Pinterest-perfect, militant exercise. What I’m not giving up is the joy of a run-around that is synonymous with serenity.


I’m Naming My Firstborn Focaccia


So if you read my last post, you know that I recently acquired a large bag of baker’s flour which I found delightful. (If you haven’t read that post, feel free to proceed anyway, or pop along and give it a squiz. I’ll wait.) I promised to share my baking endeavors with you all, so here they are..

I wanted to make a big rustic loaf, but I had a few issues with that.

1: My oven isn’t really hot enough to stop my freeform loaves collapsing
2: My sister wanted me to make focaccia for lunch and it was very time consuming, so I didn’t get around to making my loaf. Soon!

So, I made focaccia instead. I used a recipe from a great book I got a couple of weeks ago, and it was really fun. I generally love making bread anyway, but I had a great time playing with the camera to get decent shots of the process.

DSCN2997 (2)

My ingredients were so photogenic!

The recipe I made used quite a bit of oil, so it turned out yellow and not white..? And I’m still wondering whether I did it right because it was weird to knead and didn’t make as much as I had hoped. Nevertheless, kneading is still my favourite (and the most strenuous, this is what I call ‘exercise’) part of the whole process.

The best bit

The best bit

After kneading, I left it to prove for about an hour until it had gotten fat (no offence Focaccia.)

The next bit was dividing, which is where it got weird. It said to divide in four, which I did, and I put half of it in the freezer.. but my other two bits were really little. They’re supposed to be like fat, doughy pizzas, kind of, but honestly, once I flattened them, mine were smaller than any pizza. I don’t know :P

And then, topping time! I didn’t deliberate much on what to put on my two focaccias – I did one with garlic and thyme, and the other with tomato, olives and feta cheese (all with guidance from my olive-loving little sister.) They got a good covering of salt and pepper and sat to prove again.

After that, I baked my focaccias, and they smelled so good! Not as good as they tasted, though.



My little sis and I made quick work of them :)

In review, those focaccias were pretty tasty and so much fun to make, and also, Focaccia is a beautiful name for a child.

A special thanks to my older sister, who has asked to be referred to as Beanz, for taking many photos, including the one of me kneading. :)

What do you think?

Xx Loony


Thunderstorms :)


So, I’m in history.. it’s a Monday afternoon.. usually I would be super bored by now. But I’m not.. because we are having a thunderstorm!! A LOT of people hate this sort of weather, but not me. I love it. Love it. Why? Glad you asked.

1. It gives me an excuse to not do things. I mean, I could be doing four assignments this afternoon. I could be walking home. I could be going to choir. But because it’s raining, I have every right to stay home and drink several mugs of hot chocolate.

2. I get to wear snuggly clothes. Because usually I would stay in my uniform after school (because I’m lazy.) But because it’s raining, I have every intention to go home and get into my onesie.. or my happy pants.. or maybe just my pyjamas. :)

3. Rainy day food. Goodbye carrots or whatever else I was going to have for afternoon tea. I think there is some leftover cake in the cupboard, and Milo.. *gasp* Nutella!!

What else should I do on this rainy afternoon?

Xx Loony

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Snowboarding – How To


So today I went on a snow trip with my school. Being a hipster gangster bro (lol no) I snowboard, instead of skiing. All my friends ski, and always get annoyed with me for taking ages to strap in and stuff (by ‘stuff’ I mean constantly falling over, even when I’m not actually moving). So, in aid of new snowboarders and those who want to laugh at us, here is:

Loony’s Guide to Snowboarding!!

1. Prepare for the snow to whoop your butt like an over-friendly drunk guy at a party. You will fall. You will fall often. You will fall hard. Your butt will hurt. For those who aren’t aware, snowboarders spend about 30% (*cough 50*) of their time on the ground, swearing. Do not expect to be fabulous. Do not schedule tennis for the next day. DO say, ‘Sorry, becoming a unicorn is affecting my balance’ to anyone you accidentally knock over.

2. Aggravate skiiers. Always. Skiiers are the WORST. Slide over their skiis, knock them over (not the five-year-old ones obviously), and yell ‘Watch out!’ at random moments. We aren’t being mean, it’s just that skiiers are SO DAMN FUNNY when they’re on the ground. Like when you put a spider in a cup to relocate it, and it loses its mind trying to escape. Read: skiiers are like spiders.

3. Have fun. Everyone will tell you this, but they won’t tell you that a lot of your fun has nothing to do with the actual riding. My friends and I like having fun on chairlifts, yelling things at people below (skiiers). Our favourites are ‘Hey! You’ve dropped your pocket!’ Or the coy ‘Hey! Call me!’ (don’t forget the creepy smile.) Clapping for people who’ve stacked is great fun too. Or trying to get as many randoms to wave at you as possible. (My friend and I are on 63.)

What do you like doing at the snow?

Until next time,

Xx Loony

Disclaimer: I actually don’t hate skiiers that much. However, being a snowboarder requires me to heckle them at every opportunity. It’s the rules.