Run for Your Lifeline

*Warning: Mention of suicide*

Yesterday, I ran with new orthotics in.

Which you are not supposed to do.

I can barely walk.

But despite the fact that my hips have been completely realigned and for some reason, my abs hurt (???), I don’t regret it.

Yesterday, I ran in the Lifeline Fun Run. Lifeline is a crisis hotline and suicide prevention organisation that assist hundreds of people everyday. Countless lives have been saved through their conscientious approach to mental health assistance. Thanks to sponsors, every entry fee went straight into helping them achieve all this brilliance.

Unfortunately, many, many people die each year as a result of mental illness. This loss is staggering and awful, but the number would be higher if not for the efforts of organisations like Lifeline.

Sore hips for another life saved. Seems worth it to me.

Moral: doing good feels good. Even when it feels like it hurts.

Xx Loony


Things That Make Life Good

  1. candlelight
  2. splashing in puddles with gumboots on
  3. thunderstorms
  4. pink milk
  5. your hair doing what it’s supposed to
  6. a playlist that plays your favourite songs even though it’s on shuffle
  7. getting a compliment
  8. new pens
  9. your good jeans being clean
  10. super sunny weather
  11. snuggly socks
  12. playing a musical instrument
  13. taking selfies that you look good in
  14. gel pens
  15. having the annoying character you’re reading about stop being annoying/die
  16. finding things you have in common with new friends
  17. finding things you have in common with old friends
  18. settling into bed with a movie, tea, and blankets and not forgetting anything
  19. when there’s something good on TV
  20. pyjamas

Am I right or am I right?

Xx Loony