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A Big Day for Loony’s Biz

Loony’s Biz is growing up!

Today marks two big milestones for this wee little blog.

1. What was http://www.loonysbiz.wordpress.com is now… (drumroll)

www.loonysbiz.com (!!!!)

That’s right, the¬†Loony’s Biz domain is now officially owned by me. It feels pretty special to have gotten to this point, let me tell you, and I wouldn’t have ever considered it without the endless support and appreciation I get on my content. So thanks, y’all.

2. Loony’s Biz is now on Facebook! You’ll find a preview of the page in the sidebar. Please go ahead and like the page, and share it with friends who you think will like Loony’s Biz.

So, Loony’s Biz is branching out and, as always, growing and improving. Any tips on how it may continue to grow and improve – post ideas, opportunities, opinions on current content, anything really – can be left in these comments, or go ahead and comment on Facebook. Feedback is always appreciated.

Twitter and possibly Instagram are soon to come, so stay tuned!

:) Loony