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New Year, Old Me

And so, 2016 is about ready to be flushed down the toilet.

I won’t whinge about how awful it was. You know how awful it was. Everyone knows how awful it was.

I’m not entirely finished being angry about the events of the year, but I am ready to climb into 2017 and dig for gold.

New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for making you feel guilty about your lack of willpower. I do it anyway, because I’m obstinate, but I’m not climbing into a new skin this year like so many try to. My skin is okay with me.

So: resolutions based on renovations, instead of knock-down-rebuild.

1. Stop apologising for my coffee order just because it’s long to say and kind of pretentious. I am a barista – it’s not actually hard to make. I’m paying for the coffee. The apology is unnecessary.

2. Stop ducking my head when I walk past people. It’s almost like I’m ashamed to look people in the eye, or ashamed of people looking me in the eye. Honestly, it probably comes off as being rude. Stop doubting that I’m worth looking at.

3. Stop swearing when I don’t need to be swearing. Like when I’m not angry, just mild annoyed. Also: improve vocabulary of angry words.

4. Start accumulating healthy self care practices. Like going for walks. Not like browsing Facebook for two hours.

5. Start showing more daily compassion. I live one time. My friends deserve to know that I love them.
I think 5 is as many as I can realistically manage. And that’s okay with me.

2017 might be shit. We can’t predict anything, really. But I’m working on me this year, and hopefully everything else will fall into place. Or it won’t, and I can practice being okay with that.

I have 11 minutes to go, and some profanities to yell into the void.

Have a very happy new year.

Xx Loony



– good music bringing people together
– people who look out for each other
– funny and true Tumblr posts
– a day without frantic study
– yummy food
– perserverance during recovery
– people being accepting of my awful volleyball skills
– people who will be late just to keep you company
– Fantales
– oversized black T-shirts
– being excited
– opportunities
– puddles


Quotey Day 2

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

– Hans Christian Andersen

This quote speaks volumes, but I would like to add – I got some sunshine today. It was nice. Sunshine is important. And freedom. And little flowers, be them literal or metaphors, for like, children, or flower stickers or something.

I also like that Hans Christian Andersen said this, because he wrote books for children. And I think that if we share things like this quote with children, they’ll grow up pretty gosh darn nice. And happy, which is the most important.

Xx Loony


Things That Make Life Good

  1. candlelight
  2. splashing in puddles with gumboots on
  3. thunderstorms
  4. pink milk
  5. your hair doing what it’s supposed to
  6. a playlist that plays your favourite songs even though it’s on shuffle
  7. getting a compliment
  8. new pens
  9. your good jeans being clean
  10. super sunny weather
  11. snuggly socks
  12. playing a musical instrument
  13. taking selfies that you look good in
  14. gel pens
  15. having the annoying character you’re reading about stop being annoying/die
  16. finding things you have in common with new friends
  17. finding things you have in common with old friends
  18. settling into bed with a movie, tea, and blankets and not forgetting anything
  19. when there’s something good on TV
  20. pyjamas

Am I right or am I right?

Xx Loony


Tonight and Every Night

I am just about to go to sleep, but before I do there is something I’d like to say.

I want you to know that tonight, and every night
as I am drifting off into nothingness
I make plans

I make plans that tonight, and every night
I will dream of blank notebooks
and fountain pens
and new book smell
and fresh rain smell

Empty cardboard boxes
and road trips
and lakes
and driving through the city at night

Good music
and better company
and inside jokes
and the kind of laughter that cannot be helped
and doesn’t try to be

I want you to know that tonight,
and every night
I dream of the world and how lucky I am to be in it
and the people I know and how lucky I am to know them
and the things I have done and how lucky I am to have done them
and the amazing days I have lived and how lucky I am to have lived them

And I really hope that tonight,
and every night
you do too.