NaBloPoMo, Here We Come!


Well, I did it! I clicked ‘submit’ and I’m on the BlogHer blogroll for National Blog Posting Month!!!

Coming up in the next month:

  • angsty poetry
  • opinionated feminism
  • existential crises
  • snippets of my lol-worthy life
  • idiosyncrasies
  • oogly-woogly questions that are hard to think about
  • thoughts on mental health issues
  • my deep love of food
  • more of my brain than you really needed to see

I’m excited. I hope you’re excited. Let’s do it.

Xx Loony


Road Trip

We started the road trip at noon

And you wouldn’t stop being a loon

So I pulled out a knife

While you screamed for your life

And I must say that bit was the boon

This Writing: 201 assignment asked for a limerick about a journey, with some alliteration – I just got called ‘dark and disturbed’ by my dad but surely that’s a good thing ;)

Xx Loony