20 Songs, 2 Days

I have a gig.

Jokes. I’m playing my parent’s Christmas party. I’m getting paid in chicken wings.

But I do still have to learn the songs.

22. And I’m going on camp next week, so I have this weekend to learn them.

The intense bass shredding may cause my fingers to fall off.

Wish me luck.



– good music┬ábringing people together
– people who look out for each other
– funny and true Tumblr posts
– a day without frantic study
– yummy food
– perserverance during recovery
– people being accepting of my awful volleyball skills
– people who will be late just to keep you company
– Fantales
– oversized black T-shirts
– being excited
– opportunities
– puddles


Floyd is the Best


I’m currently rehearsing for my sister’s music exam tomorrow – I’m playing the bass guitar in her ensemble piece.

And the most magical thing happened.

My bass guitar, Floyd (named after Floyd Pepper, bass player in Dr. Teeth’s band Electric Mayhem on the Muppets) decided that as WELL as playing notes, it would also play the radio.

My local radio played through the amp.

Floyd is the best.

Xx Loony