Things That Make Life Good

  1. candlelight
  2. splashing in puddles with gumboots on
  3. thunderstorms
  4. pink milk
  5. your hair doing what it’s supposed to
  6. a playlist that plays your favourite songs even though it’s on shuffle
  7. getting a compliment
  8. new pens
  9. your good jeans being clean
  10. super sunny weather
  11. snuggly socks
  12. playing a musical instrument
  13. taking selfies that you look good in
  14. gel pens
  15. having the annoying character you’re reading about stop being annoying/die
  16. finding things you have in common with new friends
  17. finding things you have in common with old friends
  18. settling into bed with a movie, tea, and blankets and not forgetting anything
  19. when there’s something good on TV
  20. pyjamas

Am I right or am I right?

Xx Loony


Thunderstorms :)


So, I’m in history.. it’s a Monday afternoon.. usually I would be super bored by now. But I’m not.. because we are having a thunderstorm!! A LOT of people hate this sort of weather, but not me. I love it. Love it. Why? Glad you asked.

1. It gives me an excuse to not do things. I mean, I could be doing four assignments this afternoon. I could be walking home. I could be going to choir. But because it’s raining, I have every right to stay home and drink several mugs of hot chocolate.

2. I get to wear snuggly clothes. Because usually I would stay in my uniform after school (because I’m lazy.) But because it’s raining, I have every intention to go home and get into my onesie.. or my happy pants.. or maybe just my pyjamas. :)

3. Rainy day food. Goodbye carrots or whatever else I was going to have for afternoon tea. I think there is some leftover cake in the cupboard, and Milo.. *gasp* Nutella!!

What else should I do on this rainy afternoon?

Xx Loony