Floyd is the Best


I’m currently rehearsing for my sister’s music exam tomorrow – I’m playing the bass guitar in her ensemble piece.

And the most magical thing happened.

My bass guitar, Floyd (named after Floyd Pepper, bass player in Dr. Teeth’s band Electric Mayhem on the Muppets) decided that as WELL as playing notes, it would also play the radio.

My local radio played through the amp.

Floyd is the best.

Xx Loony


Silly Questions


I’ve stumbled upon some interesting quotes and the like that fill me right up with joy – quotes about living life and being unique and things. This got me thinking about how the silly questions can sometimes tell you a lot about a person and their life experiences. So I devised a list of questions – mostly strange and delightful – that I will be answering, and passing on.

What is your opinion on hats?
I don’t mind hats on the whole, they just look awful on me. I have short hair that gets sweaty and flat and ew when I clamp a hat on.. but if you like wearing hats, go ahead. A-HEAD, get it??
If you had to wear an animal on your head for the rest of your life, what animal would it be?
A hedgehog, for multiple reasons. 1, I believe hedgehogs to be very motivating and inspirational little buddies who would encourage me with their little squeaky voices; 2, I’m pretty sure those little fuzzy bellies are warm and snuggly and my beanie comes with a massage feature so come at me; 3, because having a small, spiky ninja on your head is badass and we could rule the world.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Flight. I don’t know how, with wings probably (and preferably.) I’ve been trying to manage flying since I was 2, so yah, flight. 
What are your favourite and least favourite words?
Ooooooh. For favourite I’d say something juicy like ‘despise’. So much richer than ‘hate,’ no? Or something silly like ‘fickle.’ I don’t know least favourite but I do always say ‘bathroom’ instead of ‘toilet’ when the topic arises. ‘Toilet’ sounds vulgar. 
If regular walking in public was illegal, how would you get places?    
I would skip. Obviously.

I would like to pass on these questions to the beautiful Z, of I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens (https://deepbluesandseafoamgreens.wordpress.com/) and the cool MrFancyAnimator over at InternetSquared (https://internetsquared.wordpress.com/), and you guys can pass them on when you’re done too. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!


Xx Loony


Dunkelbunt and Other Things


So, this assignment is killing me. I have to look up these 12 architects and be all “OMG! You were alive! You built stuff!! Whaaat? Wow!” I am ready to kill all these architects myself. Or I would be, if I hadn’t stumbled on this one guy with a great middle name. So here is a List.

Things. (It’s a very odd list.)

1. I love the name Dunkelbunt. Heck, I love the word dunkelbunt. Say it, come on, you know you want to. DUNKELBUNT. Hold up, here’s a game: every person who comments ‘dunkelbunt’ is officially welcomed into the Dunkelbunt Appreciation Society. Dunkelbunt means ‘darkly multi coloured,’ therefore, we shall be slightly mysterious and also wear sequins.

2. My spirit animal is a sloth. Because they’re cute and fluffy and would probably prefer to read indoors than play outside. Also, they have great smiley faces that remind me of the face a baby makes when they are farting. Not that I am a farting baby – it’s just a great face.

3. If I had to wear one animal on my head for the rest of time, it would be a hedgehog, and I’ll tell you why: 1) I believe all hedgehogs, being so incredibly adorable, have cute little snuggly voices that have a little lisp and reminds you of rain and we could have adorable conversations about scarves; 2) My hedgehog friend would be the ultimate shield in the event I was attacked; and 3) whenever someone made me upset or mad or feel like I’m not good enough, I’d be able to call them up and say “actually, I have a hedgehog friend as a hat and you’re just a hedgehog-less meanie.” And then my hedgehog could blow a raspberry at them.

4) Sometimes when I’m bored and my cat is in the room I lift her up and sing the Circle of Life from The Lion King – she doesn’t like it very much but I’m telling you it’s majestic.

5) My nails at the moment are dark blue with white spots, because they’re cute and wintery and although I don’t like it much as a regular colour (like if we were talking cake icing or something) dark blue a nice colour on me (can I say that?)

Have a great day.

Xx Loony


Tonight and Every Night

I am just about to go to sleep, but before I do there is something I’d like to say.

I want you to know that tonight, and every night
as I am drifting off into nothingness
I make plans

I make plans that tonight, and every night
I will dream of blank notebooks
and fountain pens
and new book smell
and fresh rain smell

Empty cardboard boxes
and road trips
and lakes
and driving through the city at night

Good music
and better company
and inside jokes
and the kind of laughter that cannot be helped
and doesn’t try to be

I want you to know that tonight,
and every night
I dream of the world and how lucky I am to be in it
and the people I know and how lucky I am to know them
and the things I have done and how lucky I am to have done them
and the amazing days I have lived and how lucky I am to have lived them

And I really hope that tonight,
and every night
you do too.



Socks and Pen Ink


I wish you could see the new ink I just put in my fountain pen. It’s a greeny-blue (more green than blue) and I love it! My fountain pen = life.

You know?

It is really cold at the moment. I’ve got my typewriter socks on. Feeling pretty snuggly.

I’d like to take a mo to say YO to Z from
for making me smile with every post :)

And to my superb, sparkly (more on sparkly people later) buddy Bug. You’re the best!

Keep being great everybody!

Xx Loony