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I’m Giving Up Exercise

That’s right, I said it.

I’ve tried it so many times. Wake up early, climb onto the exercise bike, go for a run, jump on the elliptical, go box out my frustrations in the shed, follow an intense workout plan designed to “shred abs” and the like.

It lasts for a while – until I stop feeling the motivation, the buzz of energy, the smug satisfaction that comes with saying, “Yeah, I workout.”

Eventually it fizzles out, and it fizzles out every time without fail. Maybe I’m just not diciplined enough, don’t have enough muchness. But  what I think it really comes down to is that no matter how hard I try, none of this exercise is ever fun. And now, I’ve decided to stop trying, at least for now.

I just came inside from a game of backyard soccer with Boo, on the freshly mowed lawn. Running around, laughing, breathing hard, a soccer ball between my feet.

This is the sort of exercise I love and live for. No schedule, no obligation, no boredom. Just a backyard, a soccer ball, and a cool afternoon.

Fun. Play. Physical activity that won’t suck in a week’s time.

I’m giving up the regimented, Pinterest-perfect, militant exercise. What I’m not giving up is the joy of a run-around that is synonymous with serenity.


Run for Your Lifeline

*Warning: Mention of suicide*

Yesterday, I ran with new orthotics in.

Which you are not supposed to do.

I can barely walk.

But despite the fact that my hips have been completely realigned and for some reason, my abs hurt (???), I don’t regret it.

Yesterday, I ran in the Lifeline Fun Run. Lifeline is a crisis hotline and suicide prevention organisation that assist hundreds of people everyday. Countless lives have been saved through their conscientious approach to mental health assistance. Thanks to sponsors, every entry fee went straight into helping them achieve all this brilliance.

Unfortunately, many, many people die each year as a result of mental illness. This loss is staggering and awful, but the number would be higher if not for the efforts of organisations like Lifeline.

Sore hips for another life saved. Seems worth it to me.

Moral: doing good feels good. Even when it feels like it hurts.

Xx Loony