Pruning My Life

There are two words hanging around my head and my life that I don’t need anymore. Not because they’re inherently bad, and please don’t thing that if you’ve used these words with me, that it was necessarily a mistake. It’s just that in light of a new year approaching, I need to prune my life, a little bit. So.

The word ‘cute’ is perfectly fine for puppies, and little heart-shaped erasers, and other small, vulnerable things. But I don’t like seeing myself as small or vulnerable. I like strong better. I like determined better. I like crazy, weird, wacko, psycho, odd, better. Anything but cute, really, because it makes me feel underestimated, and I’m not down with that. I work too hard and I strive too far and I do too much to settle for cute.

Sorry, kids, but this word is bullshit. We all know it. It always seems to have a question mark on the end when it’s floating around my head.
“Have I studied enough?”
“Is this good enough?”
“Am I working hard enough?”
“Did I say sorry enough?”
“Am I enough?”

And when it gets down to answer time, I always come up with, “I’m not enough.”

I’m over it.

Just so you know, both you and I are enough, and that’s the last time I’ll use the word, because we are more than that.

We are significant.
We are loved.
We are outstanding.
We are such majestic displays of sparkling wonder that our rainbow-glitter capes glint in the sun and blind the haters.

I’m not just cute. I’m not just enough.

I am – we all are – more than this. I mean, if you like these words, go ahead, good luck to you. I’m just saying, don’t settle for imperfect adjectives.

Oh yes, that would make a great bumper sticker.

Xx Loony