You know it’s summer in Australia when the fam gather on the couch and the first thing you say is “don’t anyone dare touch me. It is too dang hot.”

I’m melting. Someone send help.


Thunderstorms :)


So, I’m in history.. it’s a Monday afternoon.. usually I would be super bored by now. But I’m not.. because we are having a thunderstorm!! A LOT of people hate this sort of weather, but not me. I love it. Love it. Why? Glad you asked.

1. It gives me an excuse to not do things. I mean, I could be doing four assignments this afternoon. I could be walking home. I could be going to choir. But because it’s raining, I have every right to stay home and drink several mugs of hot chocolate.

2. I get to wear snuggly clothes. Because usually I would stay in my uniform after school (because I’m lazy.) But because it’s raining, I have every intention to go home and get into my onesie.. or my happy pants.. or maybe just my pyjamas. :)

3. Rainy day food. Goodbye carrots or whatever else I was going to have for afternoon tea. I think there is some leftover cake in the cupboard, and Milo.. *gasp* Nutella!!

What else should I do on this rainy afternoon?

Xx Loony